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Strelnikovoj Breathing exercises for asthma

2016-12-28 00:00:00

Strelnikovoj Gymnastics -a set of breathing exercises, which has long received the name of Russian folk gymnastics. It is unique in many respects.
-Firstly, Strelnikova gymnastics, although intended for the prevention and treatment of many diseases, is not the doctor has been developed. Its creator -Anna Nikolaevna Strelnikova -Soviet singer who lost her voice due to illness of the respiratory system and could not sing anymore. She decided in any case do not give up, and in the 30-40s beginning to address this issue closely and create their own unique set of physical exercises.
In the 70s Strelnikova received a patent for the invention of a new method for the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases.
-Secondly, Strelnikovoj Gymnastics is one of the few sets of exercises that impact not just on a specific organ or system, and the entire body. You can use it to prevent and treat not only asthma. There are even urological and gynecological complexes that help preserve and restore the he alth of male and female sexual organs.
-Third, Strelnikova gymnastics -not just a set of physical exercises, but a real massage for all internal organs. It increases blood flow and activates regeneration processes throughout the body, making it sometimes helps in such diseases, which are not able to handle the official therapy and surgery.

What is the essence and characteristics of gymnastics Anna Nikolaevna Strelnikovoj?
Do Strelnikova gym has some features due to which she is so wonderful effects:
1. During many breaths exercises occur during the maximum compression of the thorax. That`s what she Strelnikova called "breathing in the back." At the same time straighten the lowermost parts of the lungs. They are filled with air, causing the body to further oxygenated. Simultaneously, the trachea and bronchi can be cleaned of dust particles caught in them, and other substances, including those that may be strong allergens.
2. The essence of breathing exercises Strelnikovoj is that the patient carries out short breaths strong nose. They need to make some effort, but then exhale is passive, as if by itself.
3. All breaths executed during exercise: bending, squats etc.
4. In everyday life, many people prevails thoracic type of breathing: we breathe as if the chest, ribs, cycling while the intercostal muscles. During exercise on Strelnikovoj abdominal breathing begins to dominate, which is mainly the diaphragm -the largest and most powerful of the respiratory muscles, which as a film separates the abdomen from the abdominal cavity. This leads to the fact that the light is better straighten out and filled with air, the blood more oxygen.

What has beneficial effects in the body gymnastics Strelnikovoj with asthma?
In bronchial asthma Gymnastics Strelnikovoj body has the following positive effects:
1. Lungs in more air and therefore, the blood is better oxygenated. Just the function of the respiratory system during asthma suffers most strongly. During exercises are partially or completely reversed depending on the severity of the disease.
2. Improves and blood flow to the very lungs, bronchi, trachea. It strengthens the immune defenses of the respiratory system and helps to reduce or even completely subsiding allergic reactions.
3. Good ventilation respiratory system contributes to the fact that it can be cleaned from dust, harmful gases and allergens. The air flow passing through the bronchi, acts on the nerve endings are located in their mucosa, which helps to improve innervation.
4. Improves the condition of the chest and respiratory muscles. Breathing becomes more free, shortness of breath decreases or goes away completely.
5. Strelnikovoj In gymnastics there are many sound exercises. The patient should pronounce certain sounds, creating at this time diaphragm like "air cushion." It relieves muscle spasm of the larynx, and also facilitates breathing.
6. During a set of exercises to tone the body comes to be activated. Increase its defenses, strengthens the immune system is suppressed allergic reactions, improves blood circulation.

Gymnastics Strelnikovoj to prevent asthma attacks
Prevent attacks of breathlessness in asthma helps exercise called "Pump". Starting position -standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands folded newspaper to take, stick or something else that will simulate the pump handle.
Imagine that you are pumping a tire pump. Carried slope, during which you can fast breath nose. Then you need to straighten up and make free exhale mouth. Breathing should be in rhythm combatant step, the head should be all the time slightly tilted forward, and the back is rounded.

Daily complex gymnastics for patients with bronchial asthma
1. "Jaws." The most simple exercise. In a standing position is carried short breaths nose and exhale through your mouth free parallel rhythmically clenching and unclenching his fists.
2. "Reset load". Starting position -standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands on waist, hands clenched into fists. Take a short breath in through your nose and sharply lower hands, as if dropping the load from the shoulders. It should be strongly strain muscles of the shoulder girdle. Then make a free passive exhalation again clenched his hands into fists and putting them on the belt.
3. Exercise "Pump", which was described above.
4. "Cat Dance." Starting position -standing, feet shoulder width apart already. Bend your elbows, squeeze into tight fists, and sit down at the same time turn to the right, making a noisy breath nose. Then make passive exhalation and take the starting position. Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.
5. "Cuddle". Starting position -standing, feet shoulder width apart, arms bent at the elbows, exhibited forward, open palms facing downwards. Hug yourself while making a sharp breath noisy nose, head of one hand in the armpit, and the other resting on his shoulder. Available exhale and take the starting position.
6. Tilting forward and back. Starting position -standing, feet shoulder width apart. Lean forward, put his hands on his knees, while making a sharp breath nose. Straighten up and exhale. Then make your hands behind your back and bend back again to take a breath. Straighten up again and exhale.
7. Turns head right and left, during each of which have to do a big nose breath.
8. Tilt your head to the right and left.
9. Tilted his head back and forth.
10. "Happy Dance." Starting position -standing, feet shoulder width apart. Make step right foot, shifting her body weight, prisognut feet, put his hands forward and make a strong nose breath. Take the starting position and exhale.
11. "Step Up." Starting position -standing, feet shoulder width apart. Raise your right leg, bend the knee and lead to chest. Sit on the left foot while making a strong breath through the nose. Exhale and return to starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.
12. "Step back," Raise your right leg, bend the knee and start back. Gently sit on the left foot and make a strong breath through the nose. Exhale and take the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

First, during each exercise do to 8 breaths. Then, their number can be increased to 16.

Gymnastics Anna Nikolaevna literally can work very real miracles, but only if it is performed under the supervision of a competent professional.

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