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Herpes zoster herpes zoster shingles -a viral infection of human skin and affects nervous system with a common etiology and close pathogenetic relationship with chickenpox.

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease and limb
What is hand-foot-and-mouth disease and limb in children? hand-foot-and-mouth disease and limb in children -common childhood illness. The disease causes swelling in the mouth, on the hands, feet, and sometimes on the buttocks and legs.

Many of us have heard of such a disease as enterovirus infection. According to the World He alth Organization since the beginning of March 2008 the population of the People`s Republic registered a large outbreak of enterovirus infection.

Nipah virus
Nipah virus Niv is a new zoonotic virus virus transmitted to humans from animals. Infected people Nipah virus causes severe disease, which is characterized by inflammation of the brain encephalitis or respiratory disease.

Prevention of herpes
In the cold often reminds himself herpes infection. In widespread "fever" -Painful blisters that itch on his lips and private parts of the body herpes type 1 and 2, a lot of problems delivering shingles herpes virus type 3. He predetermined virus zoster, and rash have nerve endings mezhdurebernyh and other nerves.

Epstein - Barr
Etiology: Epstein-Barr virus -human herpes virus type 4. Has a tropism for B lymphocytes. Also lymphocyte Epstein-Barr virus is able to destroy the epithelial cells.

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