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Invented a cure for premature ejaculation
Very good news for the third part of the male population. To prevent premature ejaculation, invented a cure. NEW proved an effective drug, allowing to hold a few extra minutes, even those who usually finishing process after four -five functions.

Fed not to eat
Recently, the birth of the new tablet from completeness -for its basis was the diaper, which becomes a hundred times more in contact in a moist environment.

As to whether the fear of chemical content in food?
When it comes to what to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner, many people feel hemofobii attack and have a sense of fear of natural and synthetic chemicals that may in fact not represent a serious danger for our he alth.

Oxidized low-density lipoproteins are not an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease
A cholesterol level of oxidized low-density lipoprotein predicts coronary risk, but is not independent of other lipid risk markers. Dr. Tianying Wu and colleagues at the Harvard School of Public He alth, Boston, MA establish baseline levels of oxidized low-density lipoprotein oLPNP at 18140 men -study participants He alth Professionals Follow-Up Study and 32,826 women -study participants Nurses` He alth Study.

Japanese women live longer all
A study conducted by the University of Cologne experts led by Professor of Statistics and Demography Eckart Bomsdorfa, showed that women who were born in Japan in 2005, the year will live an average of 99 years.

Handkerchief eliminates viruses
I guess no one is surprised antibacterial soaps, shampoos, destroying dandruff causing fungi, and other "household goods with a medical slant." But, however, some trends in this market is still so unusual that may cause surprise, if not, then at least interest.

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