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According to researchers from 1980 -2013 in the world has increased the number of people with obesity and overweight with 857 million people to 2.1 billion, respectively.

Role of HPV in cancer of the tonsils: prognostic significance and clinically relevant markers
relationship between the presence of HPV high-risk HPV and cancer of the tonsils long been established. Because the survival rate is higher in patients with HPV-induced tumors is currently considering the possibility of changing their methods of treatment.

Viruses and bacteria: what`s the difference?
Infectious diseases are caused by microbes. Microbes - are small organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. When ingested, they begin to multiply, causing a variety of infections and disease . As a result, the body begins to produce signals necessary assistance.

Vaccines for Children
Immunization -a method of prevention of infectious diseases through the introduction of vaccines. Principles of Vaccination: 1. Vaccinated according to the calendar of vaccinations for all children.

Prices of pharmacies in Moscow
Pharmacies Moscow -a great assistant for the population. Availability pharmacies in each district mandatory. If next to you do not have a first-aid post, the pharmacists and medical staff of the institution may at any moment to come to your aid, advising or that medicine.

A group of scientists from the University of Southampton has proposed a new method to combat the spread of bacteria drug resistant. They propose to use for this copper.

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