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Prosthetics, implants and whitening during pregnancy
The body while carrying the baby should be in order -knows about every expectant mother. To their he alth need at the planning stage of the child. Only here, the reality is the contrary, women are taken for their he alth only when the heart is worn under your baby.

Truth about smallpox
You`ve heard once about a disease like chicken pox. You may be wondering what this disease should seriously worry. In television news and a lot of hype on this subject, however, specific facts about this disease no reason not particularly leads.

Influenza epidemics will predict the Chinese search engine Baidu
The Ministry of He alth The project is developed in the framework of Baidu is working with large data and is likely to be partly based on a similar project of the American search engine Google -Google Flu Trends, launched in 2008.

A vaccine reduces the risk of heart attack
Scientists at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute have developed a vaccine that reduces the risk of heart attack, reports The Daily Telegraph. The basis of the technology is opening on the effects on human liver is in a particular gene -PCSK9, disruptions which lead to an increase in the cardiovascular system, the concentration of cholesterol.

Practical application of disinfectant Biopag-D disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning - Epidemiologist. py
Questions disinfection of ventilation and air conditioning is particularly important in ensuring a favorable microbiologically air environment LPU premises belonging to the "pure" and "exceptionally clean" Annex 7 to SanPin.

Liver and hepatitis B
The liver does not hurt ... But it does not mean that it is operating properly. Hepatitis B is one of the most common infectious diseases in the world. In our country, affects about 1 million people.

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