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Flu and SARS - Epidemiologist. py
VV Zverev 1 , VI Pokrovsky 2 1 -Research Institute for Viral Preparations. OG Andzhaparidze RAMS 2 -Central Research Institute of Epidemiology He alth Ministry, Moscow although it has long been known that influenza -a disease which can be fought successfully and even control it, this viral infection has been and remains a major he alth problem, not only Russia, but also in most countries.

Modern Tactics prevention of hepatitis C - Epidemiologist. py
VV Zverev 1 , IN Lytkina 2 1 -Research Institute for Viral Preparations. OG Andzhaparidze RAMS 2 -Center for Sanitary Inspection in Moscow Currently, according to experts hepatitis C virus infected about 3% of the world population.

Vaccination - Epidemiologist. py
Vaccine active immunization specific immune prophylaxis -an artificial reproduction of an immune response by administering the vaccine in order to create immunity to infection.

Vaccine Pneumococcal infections - epidemiology. py
AV Goldstein "Aventis Pasteur" France, Moscow Representation urgency pneumococcal infection and risk Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumococcus -a widespread pathogen of infectious diseases in humans.

From the history of the national hepatitis A vaccine - Epidemiologist. py
AA Vorobyov Moscow Medical Academy. IM Sechenov In the 80 years of the expeditionary corps of Soviet troops took part in the Afghan war, outbreak of hepatitis A, which has caused loss of life, loss exceeding the fighting.

European Immunization Week - Epidemiologist. py
20-26 April 2009 WHO Regional Office for Children`s Fund, the United Nations, UNICEF and other partner organizations will hold European Immunization Week, which is an annual campaign conducted throughout the Region . It is expected to help increase public awareness of the importance of vaccination.

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