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Fish oil
For anyone who wants to improve their he alth, the use of fish oil will no longer be an unpleasant process. Now you can buy dietary supplements based on it in pill fo

Aspirin prevents the development of pancreatic cancer
Researchers at Yale School of Public He alth in New Haven recommend taking aspirin in small doses to reduce the risk of developing cancer of the pancreas. Author of the study -Dr. Harvey A. Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale University.

Geriatrik Farmaton drug Instruction Description
Name: Geriatrik Farmaton Geriatric Pharmaton > Pharmacological action: Combined preparation rendering obsheukreplyayuschee, adaptogenic increases resistance in response to adverse effects, toning, the anabolic effect increases protein synthesis; also makes a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements.

Granisetron Instruction Description drug
Name: Granisetron Granisetron > Pharmacological action: An antagonist of 5-hydroxytryptamine receptors with high selectivity selectivity has antiemetic activity.

Drug Fluconazole Instruction Description
Name: Fluconazole Fluconazole > Pharmacological action: Has a strong antifungal activity; specifically inhibits inhibits the synthesis of fungal sterols.

Pimafucin Instructions Description of the drug
Name: Pimafucin Pimafucin > Pharmacological action: Pimafutsin -antifungal agent. Active ingredient of the drug is natamycin -polyene macrolide antibiotic series.

All about vaccine-
All of vaccine- I`m not afraid of vaccinations: If necessary -the shot! Well, think of it, the shot! Pricked and -went ... Sergei Mikhalkov HISTORY AND PROSPECTS Vaccinal Protection capabilities of various infectious diseases are studied for a long time.

Sweating of the hands: causes and treatment
Sweating of hands, or palmar hyperhidrosis, is characterized by the presence of constantly cold and wet hands - this is a problem of three people out of a hundred, mostly women.

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