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Headaches - Causes - Treatment. Why headache - how to understand the cause of your pain. Tension headache
Causes headache 1. The most frequent cause of headache -it vascular disorders -increase or decrease in blood pressure, atherosclerosis of the brain. If this is the pressure, the pain is often accompanied by nausea, impaired vision, sometimes tinnitus.

Thyroid - thyroid medication folk remedies - how to treat thyroid gland - HLS recipes
National treatment walnuts There are several folk treatments thyroid walnuts: Recipe number 1. shredded bark oak and walnut shells to fill with water and boil for half an hour. Broth to moisten a cotton cloth and apply to the field of cancer as a compress.

Cataract popular treatment - how to treat eye cataracts without surgery - HLS recipes Herald
With treatment folk remedies can stop the development of cataracts at an early stage. If we were treated aggressively and systematically, the cataract will not progress and you can do without surgery.

Polyps in the intestines - Causes - Symptoms - What and how to treat colon polyps - National Treatment
Causes of polyps in the intestines: genetic factors; particularly excess animal food supply, lack of roughage; constipation; chronic inflammatory diseases of enteritis, dysentery, ulcerative colitis 3. Mikroklizmy extract celandine.

Esophageal hernia - Symptoms - People esophageal hernia treatment without surgery - HLS newspaper recipes - how to treat esophageal hernia
What is esophageal hernia The correct name of the disease -a hiatal hernia. Sometimes it is referred to simply as diaphragmatic hernia or esophageal hernia.

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