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Spondylitis - Types, Symptoms, Treatment
Spondylitis brings together a group of chronic diseases of the spine and joints inflammatory etiology, causing decreased bone density and severe bone deformations . In most cases, spondylitis is the result of tuberculous infection, but there are also diseases caused by osteomyelitis, syphilis and other primary inflammatory foci in the body.

Taichi - master, training, exercises
Taichi -it heals gymnastics, martial arts and dance at the same time . Taichi comes from Ancient China -that while the idea to create a dance that can heal the body, strengthen morale, to restore the broken relationship with the mind body.

Zilt - User, analogs, application
Zilt -a drug used to prevent thrombosis formation of blood clots in cardiovascular diseases. drugs Zilt Action aims to reduce blood clotting, which explains the ability of the drug to inhibit the formation of blood clots cavity heart and blood vessels.

Exercises with dumbbells for weight loss
Weight loss is impossible without physical activity, and exercise with dumbbells help increase their effectiveness. exercises with dumbbells for weight loss As with any load exercises with dumbbells should be done after at least Two hours after ingestion.

Dietary Products
dietary product called culinary products and foods that are tailored to the feeding habits in various diseases. All dietary products conventionally divided into two groups.

Germans decided to replace regular condoms spray
German scientists have designed a new kind of condom, ideal for all sizes of penises. For design, spray, quickly forming an elastic shell will be applied on all sides to the penis special spray.

Brits allowed to identify embryos predisposition to cancer
Two British couples awaiting permission to "selection" of embryos to avoid the risk of transmission of a gene associated with a high probability of developing breast cancer.

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