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Gepasol A description of the preparation instructions
Name: Gepasol A Hepasol A > Pharmacological action: Gepasol A -solution for parenteral nutrition, detoxification and has hepatoprotective effects. The preparation includes vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Faction 2 - application, reviews, user
SDA 2 -a drug from the group of immunomodulators . First the drug was manufactured AV Dorogov. The active substance he received from the body of river frogs when heated them in a special unit.

Tsefekon - instruction, reviews, application
tsefekon -antipyretic and analgesic . drugs tsefekon drug belongs to a group of non-narcotic analgesics. The composition includes tsefekon active ingredient paracetamol. Its mechanism of action is to block the enzyme cyclooxygenase at the thermoregulation center in the brain.

Chemical peeling - types, indications, reviews
chemical peels called burn damage dermis and epidermis . As a result of skin damage upgrade process runs and regeneration of skin tissue.

Saccharin - properties, application, harm
Saccharin has the form transparent crystals with a sweet taste, which are poorly soluble in water . Synthetic alt="Formula saharina" crystalline hydrate of sodium saccharin is s alt, which is several times as sweet as sugar.

Treatment miscarriage
Abortion called the state, during which pregnancy is terminated before the fetus can survive. The following types of abortion: threat of miscarriage. With the threat of miscarriage is no vaginal bleeding, cramping, and there are nagging pains in the abdomen.

What you should know about discharge in early pregnancy
Once a woman realizes that she is pregnant and soon become a mother, her whole life changes dramatically. Female body is completely reconstructed and begins to work in new ways, and prepare for motherhood.

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